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There are always new pollution prevention initiatives taking place across Canada, and here is where you can get updated on P2 news. Read about the new references that have been added to the CPPIC database, get updated on other P2 news, find out about environmental events that are coming up, and discover how CPPIC is helping Canadians achieve success in pollution prevention. This section of the site also features monthly profiles on industry sectors, success stories and web sites, showcasing pollution prevention in many aspects of Canadian life.

New References

Environment Canada is committed to updating the content of this site, and as such new references are continually being added to the CPPIC database. Please read on to find out what new sources of P2 information have recently been entered to the database.

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Monthly Features

This section profiles information on industry sectors, success stories and web sites. Each month there are new features, which highlight the integration of P2 in a business setting, celebrate the accomplishments of those who have incorporated P2 into their personal and professional lives, and showcase other Internet sites that are excellent resources for pollution prevention.


This section provides access to various newsletters that provide information on pollution prevention and environmental protection topics applicable to Canadians.


Throughout the year there are many special days and weeks that highlight different environmental resources, issues and actions. Please consult the following list of events to find out what's being celebrated in the near future.