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Are you up for the Clean Air Game challenge?

Visitors take a break to play the Clean Air Game at the Ontario Science Centre, Toronto during Science and Technology Week, October, 2009.

Innisdale Secondary SchoolEnvironment Canada promotes the Air Quality Health Index (AQHI) to elementary and secondary students by initiating discussions of the importance of protecting the atmosphere and helping students understand the sources of pollution and their impact on human and environmental health.

Visitors at the Ontario Science Centre

Grade 11 students from Innisdale Secondary School in Barrie wait for their classmate to answer a question on how we can do our part in helping clean up our air (above). Jenny and Vinson (right).

© Environment Canada, 2009.

 Environment Canada at Earth Day

Earth Day at Todmorden Mills

Environment Canada promotes the Air Quality Health Index (AQHI) to museum-goers at Todmorden Mills Heritage Museum and Arts Centre in scenic and historic Don Valley, Toronto on Earth Day, April 19, 2009.

© Environment Canada, 2009.

Get to Know it!Get to Know it!

An Air Quality Health Index (AQHI) bus shelter poster on Summit Dr. in sunny Kamloops, BC.  This is one of the many installed at transit stops in the Lower Mainland and throughout British Columbia. The transit posters are part of a province wide outreach and advertising campaign led by the BC Government in partnership with Health Canada, Environment Canada, the BC Lung Association, Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley Regional District.

© Communications Solutions Inc, 2008.

The Healthy Living Expo

Thompson Rivers University students and BC communication campaign manager at the Health Living Expo in KamloopsThompson Rivers University Respiratory Therapy program partnered with the AQHI at the first annual Kamloops Healthy Living Expo September 21, 2008, to promote lung health programs in conjunction with the AQHI. Pictured here are TRU students Fernanda and Danny with Jennifer Muir, right, AQHI BC communication campaign manager.

Thompson Rivers University students at the Healthy Living Expo in Kamloops

Second year students (Fernanda and Eleanor) from Thompson Rivers University Respiratory Therapy program talk about the AQHI to visitors of the Healthy Living Expo hosted in Kamloops September 21, 2008.

© Communications Solutions Inc, 2008.

 Casa Dona Juana at senior residence

Casa Dona Juana

Casa Dona Juana is promoting the Air Quality Health Index to Toronto’s Spanish speaking community through radio shows on Voices Latinas, workshops with senior’s residences and outreach at community events.

Casa Dona Juana’s “live and dream” workshops at Toronto senior’s home (left).

Casa Dona Juana AQHI outreach at the Inti Raymi celebration (sun celebration) at Christie Pit Park (right).

© Casa Dona Juana, 2008; photos by Rocio Arguelles and Carmen Miloslavich.

 Casa Dona Juana at Inti Raymi

Toronto Chinese for Ecological Living

Toronto Chinese for Ecological Living at outreach eventPacific Mall, Markham (April 12, 08).  Toronto Chinese for Ecological Living (TCEL) conducting a survey to assess the level of understanding of air quality and the various air quality related indexes.  The survey was conducted in Chinese (right).

Today's AQHI : L’Amoreaux Park, Toronto (May 10, 08).  Members of the Chinese community holding up the current AQHI reading at a tree planting event.  This event was organized by the City of Toronto and Evergreen. Toronto Chinese for Ecological Living (TCEL) assisted in helping the Chinese community to get involved. Other than learning about the AQHI, participant planted close to 300 trees that day to improve local air quality! (below).

© TCEL, 2008; photos by William To.

Toronto Chinese for Ecological Living at Treeplanting event

 Participants at BC stairclimb

Stair Climb for Clean Air!

Participants show off their AQHI-sponsored participant bags at the 7th Annual Climb the Wall: The Stairclimb for Clean Air in Vancouver Feb. 17, 2008. The BC Lung Association fundraiser, which has raised more than $100,000 for programs and research, showcases lung health and air-quality initiatives such as the new Air Quality Health Index.

© BC Lung Association, 2008.