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Biodiversity in General

Canadian Working Group on Biodiversity
Convention on Biological Diversity
Parks Canada
The Canadian Biodiversity Website
Ecological Framework of Canada

Healthy communities

Federation of Canadian Municipalities
Montréal Urban Ecology Center

Canada's Fauna and Flora

Canadian Biodiversity Information Facility
Hinterland Who’s Who
Environment Canada - Nature
Canadian Wildlife Federation
Canadian Forest Service
Butterflies of Canada
How to make a herbarium

Species at Risk

Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada
Species at Risk Public Registry 

Invasive Alien Species

Environment Canada − Invasive Alien Species
Forest Invasive Alien Species
Hinterland Who’s Who − Invasive Alien Species

Clean Air

Environment Canada − Air
Environment Canada − Air Quality Health Index                          

Weather Phenomena

Project Atmosphere Canada

Water in Canada

Environment Canada − Water


Ducks Unlimited Canada


Get involved…


Hinterland Who’s Who −  Action and Awareness
Leave no trace Canada
Gardening for Wildlife

Community Ecological Monitoring Projects

Nature Watch
Water Monitoring Youth Portal

Cleanup, Planting and Restoration Projects

Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup
Tree Canada
The Green Wave


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