Biosphere, Environment Museum

The Biosphere presents the Simulateur Génial created by Télé-Québec, which is one of the main activities of the Fêtes des neiges de Montréal. Discover some spectacular natural phenomena in our intriguing interactive installation!

Come visit the Biosphere, the only environment museum in North America! Exploring themes related to meteorology, climate, and water and air quality, the museum offers scientific exhibitions and guided activities designed to give visitors a better understanding of environmental issues and raise their awareness of the importance of making environmentally responsible choices.

City of the future

© Environment and Climate Change Canada, 2015

Architectural masterpiece and symbol of Expo 67, the Biosphere is a unique and spectacular structure, located at Parc Jean-Drapeau in Montréal.

Recognition for the Design the Future immersive show

NUMIX 2016 Award-Winning Production

Design the Future

© Idées au cube, 2016

Design the Future, the 360-degree immersive show presented at the Biosphere, earned 1st prize for a museum production in the Cultural Production (Production culturelle) category at the 2016 NUMIX Gala. It was created in collaboration with the Idées au cube inc. production company. For the past seven years, awards recognizing the creativity of Quebec’s digital media producers have been presented at the Prix NUMIX Gala event.

Visitors can enjoy this immersive and multisensory experience in the installation currently set up at the Biosphere. For more information, please visit the Design the Future Web page.

This is not an Umbrella : Science and Art of Weather


This is not an Umbrella

© Environment and Climate Change Canada, 2016

Weather influences our daily life, our culture and our mood! But do we really understand the science behind the weather? This amazing exhibit looks at planetary phenomena related to the science of weather.

For more information, please visit our This is not an Umbrella page.

Landscapes and Omens

Landscapes and Omens

© Taki Eddine Alimat, 2012

This outdoor exhibit of one-of-a-kind giant photographs features landscapes that will take your breath away. They invite visitors to consider the evolution and future of natural, urban and industrial landscapes around the world.

For more information, please visit our Lanscapes and Omens page.

A Degree of Change

A Degree of Change

© Environment and Climate Change Canada

Global warming or climate change? These two closely related phenomena are still not well understood. A new presentation will demystify this issue of global importance. You’ll learn about the current repercussions of global warming and climate change, but also about creative, proactive steps communities can take to adapt to and mitigate the effects.

For more information, please visit our Programming page.

A Dose of Vitamin N

Nature has a healing power for humans, thanks to its many positive impacts on our lives. When we become disconnected from it, we develop nature deficit disorder. As a result, our physical and psychological health and our relationships to our families and the environment all suffer. This presentation, which will be given in the Biosphere’s indoor garden, will make you think about your daily dose of “Vitamin N”--are you getting enough?

For more information, please visit our Programming page.

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