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Last chance!

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© Environment Canada, 2011

The ONE | Outfits from a New Era exhibition showcases 16 outfits fashioned from mass consumption products. Accompanied by art videos and soundtracks taken from the Canadian music scene, these unique creations present car parts, batteries, salmon skins, electronic waste and other cast-offs from our society in a whole new light! Public figures, such as Robert Lepage, George Stroumboulopoulos, Julie Payette and Guy A. Lepage, have accepted to autograph a waste-object used in each creation.

1. Light Flow

By Chloé B. Fortin

Outfits from a New Era: 2,500 light bulbs, 66 meters of stripped copper wire from speakers

Light Flow Dress

© Environment Canada, 2011

Residing in Montréal and Mauricie, Chloé B. Fortin is interested in the abandoned and out-of-date materials that collect dust at flea markets and in homes. For the ONE: Outfits from a New Era project, she is creating an outfit out of old recycled Christmas lights that are strung together in long chains reminiscent of malas (Buddhist prayer beads) or traditional Native American adornments. "Each bulb is an opportunity to release tension, fear, hope, expectation and judgement. It is also a time of abandonment, and then a moment of attention and presence," the artist tells us. For Chloé, this weaving of bulbs and wire also evokes an inner sensory experience: that of a great tide of light, a strong gust that carries with it traces of the cycle of rebirth.

Public figure: Dr. David T. Suzuki
(Cofounder of the David Suzuki Foundation, geneticist, environmentalist and author)

The value of energy
Music: “One Flute Rhythm”- Two Fingers

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2. Bag Garment

By Mélanie Casavant

Outfits from a New Era: 200 biodegradable and oxo-biodegradable bags, 90 plastic bags

Bag Garment Dress

© Environment Canada, 2015

During her university studies, Mélanie chose the name OKZOO (pronounced like the French "au cas où," meaning "just in case") to identify her brand, thinking to herself "Okzoo this is our last chance to save the planet."

In 1998, Mélanie moved to Montréal, where she designed her own jewellery line while continuing to paint and pursue graphic design. In 2003, while looking at a pile of plastic bags that had accumulated in her kitchen, she decided to do something positive, lasting and beautiful with this under-explored resource. By chance, she discovered how to compress plastic bags by hot-pressing them. In this eureka moment, she realized the full potential of the technique. Three years later, she launched her line of eco-friendly jewellery made from recycled local raw materials and used the same technique to create paintings in 2008. She dreams of the day when her creations will speak of a bygone era, as plastic bags become a rare commodity.

Public figure: Laure Waridel
(Eco-sociologist, pioneer of the Quebec fair trade movement and writer)

The future of the bag
Music: “Pastiche”- Handclaps

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3. Bullet Dress

By Geneviève Dumas and Geneviève Flageol

Outfits from a New Era: 2,000 shotgun shells, fabric

Bullet Dress

© Environment Canada, 2011

Certified in Visual Arts and marketing, it's in fashion design that Geneviève Flageol and Geneviève Dumas have been working for the last five years, particularly with the
Molykulte label. They imagined, conceived, produced and marketed eight clothing lines on top of managing the artistic direction and administration of the boutique.

They now work in other sectors as well (such as serigraphy) but still keep a special spot for creation.

Public figure: Jean-François Lépine
(Journalist, host of the « Une heure sur Terre » television show, foreign correspondent from 1983 to 1990)

The effects of war
Music: “Midnite Bar-Mitsva”- Artist Of the Year

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4. Mermaid Skin

By Geneviève Bouchard

Outfits from a New Era: 97 salmon skins, 300 meters of fishing line, 40 mussel shells

Mermaid Skin Dress

© Environment Canada, 2015

An artist and designer since 2004, Geneviève Bouchard initially worked under the name "KafaraJoue" for five years before moving into the performing arts, cinema and the visual arts. Constantly striving to develop unique designs, her work is guided by her sensitivity, which she refines through fashion. Inspired by both the poetry of daily life and that which is expressed on the stage through images and music, she now combines costumes and ready-made clothing in her studio. This year, Geneviève Bouchard is creating a summer collection through the Quebec collective Encantados. She will also continue her different costume designs through various inspiring and daring art projects.

Public figure: Hubert Reeves

Protection of threatened species
Music: “Kamataki Song”- Jorane

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5. Dress the Part

By Bagnole

Outfits from a New Era: 40 airbags, 2 headrests, 2 seatbelts, 1 piece of carpet, leather from 2 car seats, 1 tire, 1 baby car seat buckle

Dress the Part Dress

© Environment Canada, 2015

Originally from Laval, Isabelle Bérubé lives and works in Rosemère. This independent clothing designer, a graduate of the Marie-Victorin College, has always been environmentally conscious. In 2004, her environmental awareness led her to make bags by recycling scrap car parts (seats, air bags, belts, buckles, carpeting, buttons, electric wire, etc.). After a few unsuccessful attempts, she met Philippe Fugère from Lecavalier, a car recycling centre in St. Sophie. He supported her project and became her mentor. Their partnership got her started, and she has been gaining speed ever since.

Public figure: Joé Juneau
(Hockey instructor and ex NHL hockey player)

Music: “Skanky Panky”- Kid Koala

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6. Pillbox Dress

By Marie Line

Outfits from a New Era: 6,800 pill bottles

Pillbox Dress

© Environment Canada, 2015

During her childhood in France, Marie Line discovered what would later become her "sweet obsession": creative recycling. Innovative, endlessly imaginative and outright daring, she transforms all types of materials into unique, practical and surprising objects. She enjoys and strives to make the recycled items as different from their initial forms as possible. She has shown her artwork in various exhibitions as well as at her own gallery and at the One of a Kind Show, both in Toronto. She returned to Montréal to be closer to the creative and artistic community, where she facilitated creative courses and workshops for individuals and groups, which were strictly about creating with recycled materials. There, she advocated "salvaging our Being by salvaging our things." However, in 2004, she discovered the endless virtues of plastic, which is now her favourite material. Since then, she has been unstoppable: her imagination has led her to a new art form seldom seen until now. Her art brings out the transparency, uniqueness and resiliency of her personality.

Public figure: Rick Mercer
(Host of « The Rick Mercer Report » television show and political satirist)

Traces of medication
Music: “Bell Duet”- Torngat

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7. Charlestea

By Maude Lapierre

Outfits from a New Era: 75 cans, 1,114 stainless steel rings

Charlestea Dress

© Environment Canada, 2015

Maude Lapierre graduated from the CÉGEP du Vieux Montréal in jewellery making. She apprenticed with master goldsmith and jeweller Antoine Lamarche and then became an assistant to jeweller Roland Dubuc. She currently splits her research between incorporating reclaimed materials into objects and adornments and using precious metals in sculptures and jewellery. In 2009, she received the award for new talent and the award for best visual presentation at the Salon des métiers d’art du Québec. Her work is being showcased at various exhibitions and galleries in Montréal and Toronto. 

Public figure: Julie Payette
(Canadian Space Agency Astronaut)

Endless aluminum
Music: “Showbizz Stench”- Artist Of the Year

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8. Scanty Attire

By Jeanne Cirume

Outfits from a New Era: 2 TV packages, 1 poutine container, 2 coffee cups, 1 street vacuum bag

Scanty Attire Dress

© Environment Canada, 2011

Originally from Congo and born in France, Jeanne Cirume has now been living in Montreal for 11 years. Coming from a big family, she learns at an early age to recycle with her pediatrician father. She spends a great deal of her childhood in the small factory of her professional dressmaker mother, with whom she learns how to sew.
In 2000 she takes on a job with the City of Montreal as a street sweeper, responsible for the collection of household refuse and recycling. The monstrous quantities of garbage she sees on a daily basis alarm her. She subsequently decides to launch her label “Lobiko” which offers a collection of bags made with recycled African printed fabrics and stuffed with styromousse as well as recycled clothing.
Still street sweeper to this date, she’s an eco-activist among her entourage and continues to draw matter and inspiration from waste to carry out original projects.

Public figure: Cascades
(Laurent Lemaire: Board president, Bernard Lemaire: Board Executive Vice-president and Alain Lemaire: President and Chief of management)

Packaging in all shapes and sizes
Music: “Many Faces, Many Places”- Torngat

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9. Hairdress

By Roxane Cheibes and Amélie Bruneau Longpré

Outfits from a New Era: 208 locks of hair, 1 hairstyling cape, 1 pair of used boots


© Environment Canada, 2011

After receiving a vocational education in administration, Roxane Cheibes moved into a profession where she could express her creativity: she followed in her mother's footsteps and become a hairstylist. After working for Donald Proulx for 10 years, Roxanne opened her own salon, "Narcisse et Echo", with her colleague Line Lebrun in 2004. To remain at the forefront of the industry, she travels extensively to improve her skills, especially to London and Paris. 2011 will be filled with very exciting challenges for Roxane and her team.

Amélie Bruneau Longpré spent her childhood in her father's painting studio and quickly realized that she would pursue an artistic profession. In 2003, Amélie began her career as a make-up artist/hair stylist in the fashion, magazine and television industries. Her talent and creativity quickly led her to work with many magazines. She also works with numerous Quebec artists on photo shoots and video-clips.

Public figure: Margie Gillis
(Choreographer and solo dancer)

The hidden face of cosmetics
Music: “Kenny G Non-Stop”- Radio Radio

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10. Chapter Ten: Words & Wonder

By Geneviève Oligny

Outfits from a New Era: 1,796 pages selected from 78 books, milled paper, sheet of wood, linen rope, binders, typewriter parts

Chapter Ten: Words & Wonder Dress

© Environment Canada, 2011

Paper artist Geneviève Oligny has been designing lanterns since 1995, when she completed her printmaking studies at UQÀM. Her art career has been marked by numerous solo and group exhibitions. In 2003, she presented an unusual and humorous exhibition of historical lanterns at Montréal's Gesù, as well as Jeu intérieur de poches [game inside pockets], a giant and interactive watercolour, as part of La Triennale L’Art qui fait Boum! at the Marché Bonsecours. Later that year, Geneviève had two exhibitions in Montréal: the first, held at Georges Laoun Opticien, was about flight in all its forms; and the second, which was at Camellia Sinensis, was about tea. In 2004, she went to France to participate in the Lille European Capital of Culture 2004 event. In 2005, the Cirque du Soleil invited her to exhibit her work to welcome the new visiting Chinese acrobat troupe. In addition, for the fifth consecutive year, she exhibited her lights at Camellia Sinensis during the Christmas season. Geneviève presented a collection of lanterns on swings at La TOHU in 2007, and she had a show at the Maison de la culture Rosemont La Petite Patrie a year later. In 2009, she participated in the Vente de garage [garage sale] program (ARTV), for which she created a “bedside book” based on a Robert Lalonde novel given to her by Céline Bonnier.

Public figure: Camilla Gibb

The impact of books
Music: “Laluz”- Jorane

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11. Haute Couture 2.0

By Cul-de-sac

Outfits from a New Era: 36 computer mice, 120 cables, half of a computer keyboard

Haute Couture 2.0 Dress

© Environment Canada, 2011

Mélissa Turgeon, a Collège Marie-Victorin 1998 fashion design graduate, has always been working in the world of fashion and clothing recovery. After the completion of her studies, she spent the following five years working in the fashion industry. After experiencing various aspects of the industry, she steers towards clothing recycling, where she finds her voice. The acquisition of various equipment calls for renting a studio. On that day of 2003 is born Cul-de-sac. Cul-de-sac now comprises two boutiques and one atelier. The company offers creations made with recycled materials. Amongst the line of products one can find bags made out of leather, fur, jeans and ties as well as clothing for men and women.

Public figure: Robert Lepage
(Playwright, actor, film director, and stage director)

Technology and work
Music: “Plocul Black”- Misteur Valaire

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12. Caustic Swimsuit

By Jennifer Bergeron (a.k.a. LeCha)

Outfits from a New Era: 1,200 batteries

Caustic Swimsuit

© Environment Canada, 2011

While pursuing a career in architecture, Jennifer moved into the fashion industry after studying pure science. Her fascination with geometry and the art of designing and making clothing led her to study at LaSalle College in 2006. She then sought out professional experience to enrich her knowledge in the field--that is, to discover what it truly means to "work in fashion." She participated in numerous styling projects for video-clips, portfolios, advertisements, short films and feature films. Since one positive encounter leads to another, Jennifer was able to work with the right people. This led to a design assistant position with Cirque du Soleil in 2010. Tireless, she is currently working on perfecting the appearance of Misteur Valaire, an emerging band. Lecha, as she is nicknamed, has much to say for herself, but especially about her avant-garde ideas!

Public figure: George Stroumboulopoulos
(Producer, radio and television host)

Dangerous waste
Music: “Dan Dan”- Misteur Valaire

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13. Hit Parade

By Valérie Bédard

Outfits from a New Era: 800 meters of video tape, 800 meters of audio tape, 2,000 slides, 2 seconds of 35 mm film

Hit Parade Dress

© Environment Canada, 2011

Originally from the Lower St. Lawrence, Valérie Bédard has been living in Québec for about 15 years. She specializes in the study of textile and weaving arts. A graduate of the Maison des métiers d’art de Québec, she currently teaches at the college level and directs numerous exhibition projects. She is currently starting up Audiofil, a company that collects audiocassettes to turn them into fashion accessories and hand-woven ornaments. Fascinated by the transformation of used materials, she constantly seeks to work these disparate materials into valuable, feminine and sophisticated items. This research has led her to create eco-friendly pieces and eco-textile objects.  Her recent creations make new use of analogue media that were extremely popular from the 1950s to the 1990s, but that cannot be recycled. Due to the rapid pace of technological change, the heyday of these media in the 20th century was a brief one. While the information contained on these media can be easily found on current digital media, Valérie Bédard still feels a certain nostalgia for the media that influenced several generations. These memory-rich materials have found a second chance at life in new objects imbued with a sense of the past.

Public figure: Guy A. Lepage
(Writer, actor, director, producer and host of the « Tout le monde en parle » television show)

From physical media to digital
Music: “Sweet Charlemagne”- Misteur Valaire

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14. WFA - With Fixed Address

By Stéphanie Lévesque

Outfits from a New Era: 54 pieces of asphalt shingles, 8 sheets of plywood, 20 nails

With Fixed Address Dress

© Environment Canada, 2015

A native of Rimouski with a diploma in cabinet making, Stéphanie Lévesque considers herself today to be a multidisciplinary artist. Experienced with wood, innovative with cardboard and intelligent and creative by nature, she has gained a wide range of experience that allows her to push her versatility to its fullest extent. The design and manufacture of furniture and objects are passions that allow her to use these skills. For the past few years, her primary objective has been to create art using recycled materials as a challenge and as a matter of conscience.

Public figure: Pierre Thibault

The greening of construction
Music: “What You Know (Two Fingers Remix)”- Two Fingers Featuring Sway

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15. Plush Empress

By Majorie Labrèque-Lepage (Velvet Moustache)

Outfits from a New Era: 4 sweaters, 7 pairs of jeans, 100 buttons

Plush Empress Dress

© Environment Canada, 2015

Majorie Labrèque-Lepage is a fashion designer who focuses on original creation, the local economy and specialty production. Her company, Velvet Moustache (co-founded with graphic artist Benoit Massé), designs and creates decorative plush toys for a clientele that is hungry for innovation. Through simple, effective and environmentally friendly technological processes, the products are locally handmade from select materials or created by specialty manufacturers. The highly distinctive designs and attention to detail used to form each toy is the hallmark of Majorie Labrèque-Lepage and Velvet Moustache, which has won a series of prizes in numerous creation and design competitions.

Public figure: Craig Kielburger 
(Child rights activist and founder of Free The Children)

Nature deficit
Music: “Caeti ate Delicious Fruit”- Handclaps

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16. Grand Design

By Isabel Vinuela

Outfits from a New Era: 1 piece of canvas, 1 piece of nylon, 200 pieces of adhesive

Grand Design Dress

© Environment Canada, 2015

A fashion design graduate, Isabel Vinuela earned an art history diploma at UQÀM. Ever passionate about fashion and art, she sought university training at the École supérieure de mode de Montréal (ÉSMM) to improve her creative vision. As a research assistant for UQÀM professor and designer Ying Gao, she explored various creative ways to design clothing. In the winter of 2010, she interned in Montréal with Valérie Dumaine and then in Madrid at Casita de Wendy. Now an assistant designer at Valérie Dumaine, she also works on various projects, including the Market Market+ tessier+ vinuela clothing line. The style of her clothing is defined by volume and a sculptural look.

Public figure: Frédéric Back
(Paintor, illustrator, animated movie director)

Creating solutions
Music: “Loopita”- Jorane

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