Renewable Energy : Time to Decide

Room's exposition about renewable energies

© Environment Canada, 2014

The “Renewable Energy: Time to Decide” exhibit presents the global energy issues of the 21st century. Come discover the technologies behind today’s renewable energies, as well as how they are implemented at municipal and global levels. Come reflect on the question: Is it possible to have a world working 100% on renewable energy by 2050?

There are many options when it comes to renewable energy technologies. Wind turbines, wave energy, hydroelectric dams, tidal energy, geothermics, photovoltaics, solar thermal energy technologies and plant biomass systems are some of the alternatives presented in the interactive modules designed for the whole family to enjoy. Light up a light bulb and operate a fan by transforming physical effort into energy!

Come see the Möbius strip illustrating a timeline of solar annuities from yesterday to tomorrow and view the video vignettes on strategies for replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy sources.


Lookout view

© Environnement Canada, 2015

wind turbineGreen roof

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The exhibition room opens onto the lookout, which offers a panoramic view of the Island of Montreal and the St. Lawrence River. From the platform, you can also familiarize yourself with the green technologies used by the Biosphere: green roof systems, wind turbines, wastewater treatment wetlands and a geothermal system.

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