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Come visit the Biosphere, the only environment museum in North America! Let us inspire you with the new immersive exhibition “Design the Future.” Take in the giant outdoor photographs of the Arctic and visit the new exhibition “Spaceship Earth,” which presents the inspirational vision of sustainable development popularized by Richard Buckminster Fuller.

Exploring themes related to meteorology, climate, and water and air quality, the environment museum offers scientific exhibitions and guided activities designed to give visitors a better understanding of environmental issues and raise their awareness of the importance of making environmentally responsible choices.

Come visit the Biosphere and discover the environment in a whole new light!

City of the future

© Environment Canada, 2015

Architectural masterpiece and symbol of Expo 67, the Biosphere is a unique and spectacular structure, located at Parc Jean-Drapeau in Montréal.

Exhibitions to come

As part of the 2016 programming, the museum is proud to welcome three new unique exhibits.

  • February 2016: Reconnect with the benefits of nature in the exhibition "The Spirit of the Forest"
  • Spring 2016 : Discover the great challenges of weather forecasters in the exhibition "This is not an umbrella!"
  • Spring 2016: Admire the majestic landscape in the exhibition of outdoor giant photos

Arctic : The turning point!

Last chance

Arctic: The turning point! exhibit

© Environment Canada, 2015

Make sure not to miss this inspiring outdoor exhibition wich ends this spring! Our giant photo exhibit presents the Arctic: a land that, until recently, was beyond our reach and where environmental changes are driving us towards a major turning point in history, revealing radically altered landscapes. Furthermore, this exhibit celebrates the region’s biodiversity and beauty by showcasing the winning photographs from the “Through the Lens” contest organized by the Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna Secretariat.

For more information, please visit our Arctic: The turning point! page.

Design the Future


Design the Future exhibit

© Environment Canada, 2015

The immersive show “Design the Future” invites you to reconnect with the natural environment around us and grasp the importance of drawing inspiration from nature in order to adapt to climate change. Come enjoy an uplifting multi-sensory experience!

For more information, please visit our Design the Future page.

Spaceship Earth


Environment Canada, 2015

© Environment Canada, 2015

Immerse yourself in the world view of Richard Buckminster Fuller, the man who designed the Biosphere’s geodesic dome. An inventor ahead of his time, Fuller popularized the concept of “Spaceship Earth” as a metaphor for the fact that we live on a planet with limited resources. Are you on board?

For more information, please visit our Spaceship Earth page.


Scientific Activity

Scientific activity TIC TAC TOX

© Environment Canada, 2009

By playing Tic Tac Tox, participants will come to understand that while toxic products are an often essential part of our everyday lives, they also present risks for the environment and human health.Without chemicals, it would be impossible to manufacture paper or steel, drive a car or have medication. But how do you avoid getting poisoned? This novel interactive game will teach you how to limit your exposure to toxic products.

For more information, please visit our Programming page.


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