Green Tips

Browse the various parts of this illustration for tips and tricks on how to have a greener Christmas! More information is available when you click on some of these tabs or links.

Image illustrating various Green tipsTurn down your thermostat when entertaining. The festive energy and spirit of your guests will heat the room and keep you from having to open the windows for fresh air. When sending out those holiday cards or invitations, go virtual! Swap your traditional paper cards for emails. Not only will you have the pleasure of creating your own cards, but you’ll also save trees (and dollars!). If you prefer traditional greetings, look for cards and envelopes printed on recycled paper. Stockings are ideal for holding tiny gifts. Stuff yours with small surprises such as movie or museum tickets, gift certificates for secondhand clothing or bookstores and fair trade tea, coffee or chocolate. Avoid cheap imported gifts that have high hidden costs for the environment. How do you manage to be both creative and environmentally friendly under the tree? Find out more... Click on the bag. For many people, the weeks leading up to the holiday season are a race through store after store. Find out more... Click on the shopping bags.  Think green before building a fire to heat the room or create a little ambiance. Find out more... Click on the fireplace. The holiday season is traditionally a time of gift-giving. Is it possible to choose presents that are gifts for the planet too? Find out more... Click on the gifts. Before enjoying your feast, have you asked yourself what’s on your plate? Find out more... Click on the table. The day after Hallowe'en, Christmas decorations suddenly fill the stores. Find out more... Click on the snowman. How can we choose lights to minimize our ecological footprint on the planet? Find out more... Click on the Christmas lights.Artificial or natural Christmas tree? Find out more... Click on the Christmas tree.

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