Activities for Everyone

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The Biosphere offers several activities that will provide you with day-to-day solutions to protect the environment and to reduce your ecological footprint.

Meet our experienced guides to ask all your questions about the greenest and most accessible consumer choices or participate in our outdoor activities!

Guided tours and Animated activities

A Degree of Change (New)

Global warming or climate change? These two closely related phenomena are still not well understood. A new presentation will demystify this issue of global importance. You’ll learn about the current repercussions of global warming and climate change, but also about creative, proactive steps communities can take to adapt to and mitigate the effects.

A Dose of Vitamin N (New)

Nature has a healing power for humans, thanks to its many positive impacts on our lives. When we become disconnected from it, we develop nature deficit disorder. As a result, our physical and psychological health and our relationships to our families and the environment all suffer. This presentation, which will be given in the Biosphere’s indoor garden, will make you think about your daily dose of “Vitamin N”--are you getting enough?


By playing Tic Tac Tox, participants will come to understand that while toxic products are an often essential part of our everyday lives, they also present risks for the environment and human health.Without chemicals, it would be impossible to manufacture paper or steel, drive a car or have medication. But how do you avoid getting poisoned? This novel interactive game will teach you how to limit your exposure to toxic products.

Outside, a whole new world!

Through a series of animated activities, come discover the biodiversity of île Sainte-Hélène. You will be surprised and awed by the tiny treasures and discoveries that abound!

Outdoor Activities

Île Sainte-Hélène BioKit

An adventure in which you are the hero!

The Île Sainte-Hélène BioKit cover page

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Ready for adventure? The Biosphère offers you the chance to experience the Île Ste-Hélène BioKit! With your BioKit and a GPS receiver, both available at the Biosphere, live an adventure where you are the hero! Discover the combination of the safe left by Pehr Kalm, one of the first botanist who explored the island, walk through Île Ste-Hélène and discover all the treasures of its rich biological diversity!

For a simple promenade in town or in nature, anywhere you are, be sure to have with you one or the other BioKits, fun and convivial biodiversity viewing guides available here. Use them during your promenade and appreciate, more than ever, the biodiversity all around you!


You can borrow a GPS receiver at the entrance to the museum (rental fee: 5$ or free with the museum admission).


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