Biosphere, Environment Museum

Come visit the Biosphere, the only environment museum in North America! Exploring themes related to meteorology, climate, and water and air quality, the museum offers scientific exhibitions and guided activities designed to give visitors a better understanding of environmental issues and raise their awareness of the importance of making environmentally responsible choices.

Come visit the Biosphere and discover the environment in a whole new light!

City of the future

© Environment Canada, 2015

Architectural masterpiece and symbol of Expo 67, the Biosphere is a unique and spectacular structure, located at Parc Jean-Drapeau in Montréal.

Exhibitions to come in Spring 2016

As part of the 2016 programming, the museum is proud to welcome three new unique exhibits.

  • Reconnect with the benefits of nature in the exhibition "The Spirit of the Forest".
  • Discover the great challenges of weather forecasters in the exhibition "This is not an Umbrella!".
  • Admire the majestic landscape in the exhibition of outdoor giant photos "Landscapes and Omens".

The Spirit of the Forest


The Spirit of the Forest

© François Casanova, 2016

Since time immemorial, forests have occupied a special place at the heart of every society. This natural resource has inspired legends and infused cultures, and its timelessness never ceases to amaze us. Even today, its ever-changing ecosystem continues to fascinate us, tempt us and inhabit us. Our future is closely tied to the future of the forest. While visiting this new exhibition, try to capture the spirit of the forest, this living presence in our hearts, our imaginations and our destiny.

For more information, please visit our The Spirit of the Forest page.


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