Library Catalogues

Online Catalogue

The online catalogue has the most up-to-date information regarding the items held in the Environment Canada Library in Downsview. This catalogue contains records for books, reports, conferences, and serial titles received and catalogued after April 1991 as well as much of the older material. Library of Congress subject headings are given to books and conferences only and not to reports and serials.

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Microfiche Catalogue

There are three subsets of the microfiche catalogue. The base fiche covers books, reports and some conferences received and processed by the library during 1976-1986. The next update covers items received and catalogued 1986-March 1990. The last supplement covers materials catalogued between April 1990-March 1991. Search for this material is accessible on site only. Newer material is in the online catalogue.

Card Catalogue

Materials catalogued using Universal Decimal Classification (UDC) prior to 1976 and not yet recatalogued are in the card catalogue and accessible on site only.

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