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Scotch Bonnet Island and Mohawk Island National Wildlife Areas Management Plan

Appendix 2: Colonial waterbird nests at Mohawk Island National Wildlife Area, Lake Erie 1933–2009
DateHerring GullRing-billed GullCommon TernCaspian TernDouble-crested CormorantGreat Black-backed GullSource
1933a-500---Beardslee and Mitchell 1965
4 July 1933--500---Beardslee and Mitchell 1965
1938–1941--(1000)b---Palmer 1964
1943126----Beardslee and Mitchell 1965; Haymes 1977
19442-----Beardslee and Mitchell 1965
1945450----Beardslee and Mitchell 1965
19461345–501400–1800---Beardslee and Mitchell 1965
194761251100---Beardslee and Mitchell 1965
1948--1100---Beardslee and Mitchell 1965
19498175800---Beardslee and Mitchell 1965
19509300----Beardslee and Mitchell 1965
1950--(1600)---Palmer 1964
1952(20)(1000)(500)---Palmer 1964
195435(1200)----Beardslee and Mitchell 1965
1954--(360)---Palmer 1964
1960352000130---Beardslee and Mitchell 1965; Haymes 1977
1963-(6300)----Ludwig 1974
1964-6300----Ludwig 1974
1966(200)(2500)(300)---Ontario Nest Record Scheme
197280(1000)----S.M. Teeple, pers. comm.
20 May 1972160-----A.R. Clark, pers. comm.
4 June 1974184-----A.R. Clark, pers. comm.
27 April 19752153010---A.R. Clark (pers. comm.)
18 May 1975245-----A.R. Clark, pers. comm.
1976(170)-0---G.T. Haymes, pers. comm.; Blokpoel and McKeating 1978
28 May 1976185-----A.R. Clark, pers. comm.
1976–19773520000---G.T. Haymes, pers. comm.; Blokpoel and McKeating 1978
1976–1977227 pairs520 pairs----Blokpoel and Tessier 1996
1 May 1977227-----Blokpoel and McKeating 1978
12 May 19772025200---Blokpoel and McKeating 1978
1980259-----G. Tessier and P. Fetterolf, unpubl. data
21 May 19802597290---P. Madore, pers. comm.
1983200–2591500–2400--16-Clark et al. 1983
1987--1311---R. Morris, pers. comm.
1991-----1Peck and James 1994
1993-----1D. Moore and L. Benner; Moore et al. 2007, 2008
1994----132-C. Pekarik, unpubl. data
1996---40220-D.V. Weseloh, in press; C. Pekarik, unpubl. data
1996-----1D.V. Weseloh and D. Ryckman
2002--203---D.V. Weseloh, unpubl. data
2003---226--D.V. Weseloh, in press
2004--86---C. Pekarik, unpubl. data
2006---319--D.V. Weseloh, in press
20072532201-3001563-Canadian Wildlife Service(CWS), unpubl. data; Weseloh, in press; D. Moore, unpubl. data
2008----1586-D. Moore, unpubl. data
2009---351(800)-D. Moore, unpubl. data

aBlank fields indicate not known and/or not reported.

bRecords in parentheses indicate an estimate.

Table adapted from Blokpoel and McKeating 1978; Planck and Robinson 1985.

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