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Scotch Bonnet Island and Mohawk Island National Wildlife Areas Management Plan

Appendix 1: Colonial Waterbird Nests at Scotch Bonnet Island National Wildlife Area, Lake Ontario 1938–2010
DateDouble-crested CormorantHerring GullBlack-crowned Night HeronGreat Black-backed GullSource/Notes
19386a--G. McKeating, unpubl. data; Baillie 1947
August 193940---G. McKeating, unpubl. data; Baillie 1947
18 July 1945100---G. McKeating, unpubl. data (DCCOs nesting, but not counted; 200 adults present)
12 August 1946134---G. McKeating, unpubl. data (134 DCCO nests); Baillie 1947 (total DCCOs estimated at 200 breeding pairs, although only 134 nests counted)
23 June 1950154500–600--Francis 1950
1955-nesting--Anonymous 1955
19725145--Canadian Wildlife Service(CWS), unpubl. data
19732188--CWS, unpubl. data
1974-109--I. Price, pers. comm.
1975-101--CWS, unpubl. data
29 April 197608500Blokpoel 1977. (14 April – 10 May 1976; max. HERG nests = 85 on 29 April 1976; no nesting RBGUs, CATEs or COTEs); H. Blokpoel, unpubl. data
25 May 19770227--G. Fox and C. Cooper, unpubl. data (7 visits, 16 April – 25 May 1977, no DCCOs observed); Hebert et al. 2008
24 May 1978100--G. Fox and C. Cooper, unpubl. data (6 visits, 02 May – 21 June 1978; max. count = 10 nests on 24 May 1978); C. Weseloh, unpubl. data
18 June 19790---G. Fox and C. Cooper, unpubl. data (7 visits, 18 April – 18 June 1979; DCCOs observed on 4 visits, but did not nest); C. Weseloh, unpubl. data
198061160-CWS, unpubl. data (2 DCCO nests on 18 June 1980)
198112151--CWS, unpubl. data (2 DCCO nests on 18 June 1980)
19820138--C. Weseloh, unpubl. data
1983475--C. Weseloh, unpubl. data
19850---CWS, unpubl. data
19860168-1CWS, unpubl. data
19870---CWS, unpubl. data
19902204271Blokpoel and Tessier 1996; Hebert et al. 2008
19910---CWS, unpubl. data
19920-23-CWS, unpubl. data
1993260---CWS, unpubl. data
199458612417-C. Weseloh, unpubl. data
16 May 199559246--C. Hebert, unpubl. data
14 May 1996352245--L. Shutt, unpubl. data
1997303---CWS, unpubl. data
06 May 1998520206-2 to 4L. Shutt, unpubl. data
199937325305Hebert et al. 2008
2000635-0-C. Pekarik and T. Havelka, unpubl. data
27 April 2001385174-5C. Weseloh, unpubl. data
25 June 2002835---C. Weseloh, unpubl. data
22 April 2003442131--C. Hebert, unpubl. data
13 May 2004940137--L. Shutt, unpubl. data
5 May 2005637163--C. Weseloh, unpubl. data
04 May 2006985119--L. Shutt, unpubl. data
17 May 2007722125--C. Weseloh, unpubl. data
200890111300CWS, unpubl. data
15 May 200989681--C. Hebert, unpubl. data (low because of storm loss)
03 May 2010759128--C. Hebert, unpubl. data

a Blank fields indicate not known and/or not reported.

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