Canadian Atlas of Bird Banding

Volume 2: Seabirds, 1921–1995.
(Gaston et al., 2008)

Iceland Gull (Larus glaucoides) 43.0

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The Iceland Gull is a highly variable species for which taxonomic limits are not well defined. The American Ornithologists' Union (1998) checklist (and supplements through 2006) allows two races within North America: L. g. glaucoides, breeding in Greenland and wintering as far south as the northeastern United States, and L. g. kumlieni, breeding from Baffin Island north to Ellesmere Island and as far west as Coats Island in northern Hudson Bay (Gaston et al. 1986). The species intergrades with Thayer's Gull on northern Baffin Island and Southampton Island (Snell 1989; Gaston and Elliot 1990) and was considered conspecific with it by Godfrey (1986).

Only a small number of Iceland Gulls have been banded in Canada, and only one encounter of a Canadian-banded bird has been reported: a bird banded at Digges Sound, at the northern tip of the Ungava Peninsula, and found dead in its first winter near Burin, Newfoundland (record 1). There is one encounter of a bird banded in Greenland and encountered near Cartwright, Labrador, in November (record 2). If this bird was reared in Greenland, it presumably belonged to the nominate race.

Encounter records: Iceland Gull
Band Number Sex Distance Duration Banding Encounter
Who Banded Age Day Location Latitude Longitude Day Location Latitude Longitude Condition How Obtained
0846-55524 U 2221 km S50°E 5 mo. AJG L 08/08/82 Digges Sound, NU 62°20'N 77°40'W 15/01/83 Burin Bay, NL 47°0'N 55°0'W 5 0
0003-71045 U 2115 km W 4 yr. 4 mo. U 23/07/50 Upernavik, Greenland 72°20'N 55°30'W 05/11/54 near Cartwright, NL 53°20'N 55°40'W 0 97
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Summary of banding statistics: Iceland Gull
Category Age at banding
Hatch Year After Hatch Year Any Age
No. of Canadian bandings (1955-1995) 252 16 268
No. encountered per 1000 banded (1955-1995) 0 0 3
Total no. encountered (1921-1995) 1 0 2
No. encountered from foreign bandings 0 0 1
Maximum period from banding to encounter (mo.) 5 0 52
No. of Canadian-banded birds moving > 0 km 1 0 1
Mean movement > 0 km of Canadian-banded birds 2221 0 2221
Maximum movement from all encounters (km) 2221 0 2221
% recovered (encountered dead) 100 0 100
% direct recoveries 100 0 50
% encountered during banding operations 0 0 0

Banding effort: Iceland Gull

Map showing the distribution of banding effort for Iceland Gull in Canada.
Banding Effort Data Table
Region Total Banded
Northwest Territories 268
Total 268

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