Criteria air contaminants

Pollutants, air issues, ozone, secondary particulate, chemical reactions, fossil fuels, emissions.

Services and information

Sulphur oxides

Gases, raw materials, combustion, particles, effects, particulate matter, emission sources.

Nitrogen oxides

Gases, combustion, nitrates, effects, acidification, ecosystems, particulate matter, pollutants.

Volatile organic compounds

Gases and vapors, troposphere, hydrocarbons, toxic effects, pollutants, fine particulate matter.

Particulate matter

Airborne particles, emission sources, particles, electrical power plant, wind erosion, diseases.

Carbon monoxide

Gas, fuels, tailpipes, impacts on human health, diseases, main emission sources.


Gas, level of concentrations, emission sources, nitrification, eutrophication, aquatic systems.

Ground level ozone

Gas, pollutants, natural sources, human activities, effects, transboundary air pollution.

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