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Audit of Governance of Specialized IT Resources

May 2010

Key Dates

Opening conference date (launch memo)
May 2009
Audit plan sent to management
September 2009
Closing conference date (exit debrief)
March 2010
Audit report sent to management
May 2010
Management response received
May 2010
Penultimate draft report approved by Chief Audit Executive
May 2010
Audit committee recommended
June 2010
Deputy minister approval
December 2010

Prepared by the Audit and Evaluation Team


The audit team, composed of Darine Tabbal, Graça Cabeceiras and Kenneth Gourlay under the direction of Jean Leclerc, would like to thank those individuals who contributed to this project and, particularly, employees who provided insights and comments as part of this audit.

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Chief Audit Executive

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