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Audit of the Management of the Funding Received through Canada's Economic Action Plan

June 22, 2010

Audit Key Steps

Planning completed – December 2010
Field work completed – May 2010
Draft audit report completed – May 2010
Report sent for management response – June 2010
Management response received – N/A
Final report completed – June 2010
Tabling of report to the External Audit Advisory Committee – June 2010
Approved by the Deputy Minister – June 2010

List of Abbreviations

AEB: Audit and Evaluation Branch
CCIW: Canada Centre for Inland Waters
EAP: Economic Action Plan
EC: Environment Canada
FAA: Financial Administration Act
LOBJ: Line Object
LPO: Local Purchase Order
MGPO: Mackenzie Gas Project Office
NWRC: National Wildlife Research Centre
OAG: Office of the Auditor General
PWGSC: Public Works and Government Services Canada
SSR: Specimen Signature Record
TBS: Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat

Prepared by the Audit and Evaluation Team


The audit team would like to thank those individuals who contributed to this project and, particularly, employees who provided insights and comments as part of this audit.

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