Annual Precipitation Summary Table

 Extreme yearsAnnual 2012
RegionDriestDepart. %WettestDepart. %Rank*Depart. %
Atlantic Canada2001-1620101155-10
Great Lakes/St. Lawrence Lowlands1964-1520082363-13
Northeastern Forest1948-17200714183
Northwestern Forest1948-18200514106
South British Columbia Mountains1952-23199018340
Pacific Coast1985-2219971842-2
North British Columbia Mountains/Yukon1950-2719911934-1
Mackenzie District1954-2519742141-4
Arctic Tundra1954-3220052939-2
Arctic Mountains and Fiords1948-39200534228

* The rank for the most recent value in the series (the 2012 Annual value for each region in this case) is calculated on series data arranged in descending order, from wettest to driest values. Note: the 2012 data are preliminary.

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