Migratory Birds Hunting Regulations, 2014-2015 Summaries

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The migratory birds hunting regulations summaries are one-page summaries of the annual hunting regulations for each province and territory, including season dates and bag limits. Summaries of the migratory birds hunting regulations are available in three different formats: an HTML format, a Portable Document Format (PDF) and a print version. The paper versions will also be available at Canada Post outlets, along with the hunting permits.

Available Formats:

Alberta: PDF; 246 KB / Alberta: HTML / Alberta PRINT / British Columbia: PDF; 309 KB / British Columbia: HTML / British Columbia PRINT / Manitoba: PDF; 296 KB / Manitoba: HTML / Manitoba PRINT / New Brunswick: PDF; 235 KB / New Brunswick: HTML / New Brunswick PRINT / Newfoundland and Labrador: PDF; 318 KB / Newfoundland and Labrador: HTML / Newfoundland and Labrador PRINT / Northwest Territories: PDF; 218 KB / Northwest Territories: HTML / Northwest Territories PRINT / Nova Scotia: PDF; 234KB / Nova Scotia: HTML / Nova Scotia PRINT / Nunavut: PDF; 226 KB / Nunavut: HTML / Nunavut PRINT / Ontario: PDF; 302 KB / Ontario: HTML / Ontario PRINT / Prince Edward Island: PDF; 225 KB / Prince Edward Island: HTML / Prince Edward Island PRINT / Quebec: PDF; 473 KB / Quebec: HTML / Quebec PRINT / Saskatchewan: PDF; 281 KB / Saskatchewan: HTML / Saskatchewan PRINT / Yukon Territory: PDF; 269 KB / Yukon Territory: HTML / Yukon Territory PRINT

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