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In Canada the legal protection of lands for the benefit of wildlife, habitat and biodiversity conservation is largely led by Federal, Provincial, Territorial and Aboriginal governments. Environment Canada's mandate focuses specifically on the conservation and protection of migratory birds and, with the support of provinces, territories and aboriginal peoples, species at risk and other species of national interest. Environment Canada contributes to this goal through its network of protected areas whose designations and management are supported by legislation.

The purpose of the Environment Canada Protected Areas Strategy is to outline the role, strategic direction, and scope of the Protected Areas Program for the period 2010-2015. This program is delivered by the Canadian Wildlife Service (CWS), a Directorate of the Department of Environment.The Strategy builds on the vision and directions provided by the CWS 2010-15 Strategic Plan, the 2005-2010 Protected Areas Strategic Plan, and the 2005 Federal Marine Protected Areas Strategy.

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