How Much Habitat is Enough? Third Edition

cover of publicationHow Much Habitat is Enough? (3rd edition, 2013) describes the minimum amounts of wetland, forest, riparian and grassland habitat needed to help support populations of wildlife. The report provides an extensive literature review and 21 habitat guidelines to assist restorationists, land planners and other conservation practitioners to restore and protect wildlife habitat. Guidelines include: 30% to 50% minimum forest cover, the greater of 10% wetland cover per watershed or 40% of historic wetland cover, 75% of the length of a stream naturally vegetated, less than 10% impervious cover in a watershed, and average grassland patches sizes of greater than or equal to 50 hectares. This publication has influenced land use planning, restoration projects and land securement initiatives across the multiple jurisdictions and has become a standard conservation biology and landscape ecology reference.

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