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Member of Canadian Society for Chemistry

Member of the Chemical Institute of Canada


B.Sc. (Hon.) Organic Chemistry, University of British Columbia, 1971

Designated Analyst: Canadian Environmental Protection Act and Fisheries Act and Yukon Waters Act

Citation of Excellence and Merit Awards


Randy Englar

Head of Chemistry - Pacific and Yukon Laboratory for Environmental Testing

CURRENT S&T / RESEARCH - Develops and delivers scientific and operational knowledge, practices and technologies to enhance environmental analysis, emergency preparedness and response in Canada

  • Manage the Organic and Inorganic Chemistry teams to provide routine, emergency and legal chemical analysis at PYLET
  • Provision of expert testimony on analysis and results of a wide range of environmental substances during Departmental prosecutions
  • Oil spill analysis and expert testimony on matching spills to source
  • Participated in the development of numerous Environment Canada Analytical Test Methods
  • Liaison with client groups to ensure that technical requirements are understood. Analytical methods are then modified or developed as required


35+ years experience in managing and performing chemical analysis

Participated as technical advisor to international and national chemical spill and contaminated site incidents


Furtula, V., H. Hannah, M. Wetzstein and R. Englar. 2005. Veterinary Pollutants in Poultry Waste. Proceedings of 9th Conference on Environmental Science and Technology, Sept. 2005, p. B-225-B-230.

Furtula, V., N. Dewith, H. Hannah, M. Wetzstein, R. Englar and A. Colodey. 2007. Veterinary pharmaceuticals in the Fraser Valley: Status of investigation. Presentation at Workshop on PPCP in Canadian Environment, Niagara-on–the–Lake.

Furtula, V., H. Osachoff, M. Chiu, R. Englar and A. Colodey. 2006. Mass Spectrometry and biology combined tools for biochemical markers for source identification of fecal pollution in surface water. Presentation, FACSS, Orlando, Florida.

Englar, J.R. and R.E. Strub. 1990. Interlaboratory Evaluation Study for the Analysis of the Antisapstain Chemical Copper-8-Quinolinolate (Cu-8). Regional Laboratory Report, Environment Canada, Conservation and Protection, Pacific and Yukon Region, 12pp.

Harding, L.E., and J.R. Englar. 1990. Residual Oil Levels in West Coast Intertidal and Subtidal Sediments and Water Following the Nestucca Oil Spill in December 1988. Regional File Report, Environment Canada, Conservation and Protection, Pacific and Yukon Region, April, 76pp.

Whyte, J.N.C., J.R. Englar, B.L. Carswell and K.E. Medic. 1986. Influence of Prolonged Starvation and Subsequent Feeding on Body Composition and Energy Reserves in the Prawn, Pandalus platyceros, Brandt. Can. J. Fish. Aquat. Sci. 43:1142-1148.

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Environmental Policy
     Regulation & Enforcement
          Legal testimony
Pollution & Waste
          Oil spills
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