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Marine Areas Northeast of Newfoundland Tropical Storm Frequency by day Image
Marine Areas Northeast of Newfoundland Tropical Storm Frequency by day

Marine Areas Northeast of Newfoundland Daily Storm Frequency Table
Jun 010Jul 010Aug 010Sep 010Oct 011
Jun 020Jul 020Aug 020Sep 021Oct 022
Jun 030Jul 030Aug 031Sep 030Oct 032
Jun 040Jul 040Aug 040Sep 041Oct 040
Jun 050Jul 050Aug 050Sep 052Oct 052
Jun 060Jul 060Aug 060Sep 062Oct 060
Jun 070Jul 070Aug 070Sep 071Oct 070
Jun 080Jul 080Aug 081Sep 082Oct 082
Jun 091Jul 090Aug 090Sep 091Oct 092
Jun 100Jul 100Aug 100Sep 102Oct 101
Jun 110Jul 110Aug 110Sep 112Oct 110
Jun 120Jul 120Aug 120Sep 121Oct 120
Jun 130Jul 130Aug 130Sep 130Oct 131
Jun 140Jul 140Aug 140Sep 140Oct 140
Jun 150Jul 151Aug 150Sep 151Oct 150
Jun 160Jul 160Aug 160Sep 164Oct 160
Jun 170Jul 170Aug 170Sep 171Oct 170
Jun 180Jul 180Aug 180Sep 180Oct 181
Jun 190Jul 190Aug 190Sep 192Oct 191
Jun 200Jul 200Aug 200Sep 201Oct 201
Jun 211Jul 210Aug 211Sep 210Oct 210
Jun 220Jul 221Aug 221Sep 221Oct 222
Jun 230Jul 230Aug 230Sep 231Oct 231
Jun 240Jul 240Aug 241Sep 241Oct 240
Jun 250Jul 250Aug 251Sep 250Oct 251
Jun 260Jul 260Aug 260Sep 261Oct 260
Jun 270Jul 270Aug 271Sep 273Oct 271
Jun 280Jul 280Aug 281Sep 280Oct 281
Jun 290Jul 290Aug 290Sep 292Oct 290
Jun 301Jul 300Aug 300Sep 303Oct 300
  Jul 310Aug 310  Oct 310

Note: Storms will generally span more than one day. The storm is counted in each day

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