Legend of sources

Daisy formed in the Gulf of Mexico on August 24, 1958 and reached category three strength with 205 km/h (110 knots) winds. Hurricane Daisy entered the CHC Response Zone on August 29th and was at its maximum strength. Daisy weakened to a strong category two hurricane prior to entering Canadian waters in the late afternoon of August 29th and continued weakening as she moved eastward. One boat was damaged in the storm however the crew was safe. The storm passed outside of the CHC Response Zone on August 31st and ended the same day.

Nova Scotia

August 30, 1958

  • Oblong shaped storm centre made it ‘unique’ (HH)

September 2, 1958

  • A Digby fisherman’s boat had the shaft on the trawler break and then tried to set his sail to only have it broken by the winds of the storm (TJ)
  • He drifted for two days across the Bay of Fundy to Saint John unscathed (TJ)