† (2 Canadian fatalities)

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Barbara made landfall over Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, Quebec and Labrador on August 15-16 as a tropical storm with winds of 102 km/h in Nova Scotia and Newfoundland and winds of 93 km/h in Quebec and Labrador.

Hurricane Barbara began on August 11, 1953 near the Greater Antilles. Developing into a category two hurricane, Barbara attained winds of 176 km/h. Barbara entered Canadian waters as a category one hurricane with 139-km/h on the morning of August 15 and made landfall on Cape Breton later that evening as a 102 km/h tropical storm. Barbara took the lives of two Portuguese fishermen off the Grand Banks. Hurricane Barbara lasted for five days and diminished on August 16.

August 17, 1953

  • Two Portuguese fishermen on the banker Anna Maria have drowned in a gale off the Grand Banks after their dories capsized (TJ)