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Baker originated in the Lesser Antilles on August 31, 1952. Hurricane Baker strengthened into a category three hurricane with winds as high as 194 km/h. Baker was a category two hurricane with winds of 167 km/h when it entered the CHC Response Zone on September 7 and a 139 km/h hurricane as it moved into Canadian waters early that evening. Even though Baker just missedNewfoundland, the Avalon Peninsula experienced high winds and some damage. Hurricane Baker left the CHC Response Zone on September 9 and diminished the same day.


September 8, 1952

  • Winds of 77 km/h, with gusts to 113 km/h on the Avalon Peninsula (ET)

September 9, 1952

  • Fishing was halted for the rest of the season in Lower Island Cove because the wharf had been stripped by the gale (ET)
  • Fishing was expected to decline and money is expected to be lost (ET)